miércoles, 18 de abril de 2007


conclusion I can say that eh to learn much in this blogs ah liked much to do it and that it is good for having the opportunity that people of the world can read your commentaries and see your published photos


martes, 17 de abril de 2007

My dream house

My dream house

My dream house is on the mountain , it must have a least 6 room and 4 bathrooms , the room must have a bed and plasma tv.

Also my house should have a balcony in my room , a Jacuzzi , a big garden and of course pin pong table.

My dream house should be blue because blue is my favorite colours , my favorite house must have a soccer field in this house live my family

My friends

He's Juan is mi friend he have 17 years old study ing industrial in urbe he's froom Maracaibo , it likes to swim he have 2 brothers and 1 sisters he like play soccer and sleep your favorite food is sushi and is friendly and funny.

Famous person

He’s Alessandro Del Piero he’s from Conegliano Italia have 32 years old he’s soccer players your favorite food is pizza have a wife 2 kids 8 years and 10 years old have 2 brothers and one sisters .Play in Juventus and Italy your country is very humble and finally he is a great player


Hello my name is Paul Rossi i’m 17 years old i study ing industrial in urbe i am from maracaibo living in lago mar beach i have 1 brothers and 1 sister i like play soccer and see soccer i like travel listen music chating and sleep mi favorite food is hamburger i like hang out and finally i am friendly funny

the hours

Paul: Hello John how are you ¿

John : Hello Paul fine and you ?

Paul : Fine John , what time we can be see today?

John : at 3 o'clock I have a free time

Paul : Ok fine 3 o’clock in my house . bye

John :Ok bye